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  • Least interesting PL game
    With tonight's Monday night football holding no appeal whatsoever I was wondering people's thoughts...Game this season (or every) that would be the last one you'd ever sit down to watch?I'm opening with West Brom v Stoke
  • Jonjoe Kenny
    In the absence of a general JjK thread I thought id start one.Horrendous own goal aside I think he's been improving a lot recently. I'm quite confident that he can be a great successor to Coleman.Tenacious in the tackle, gets box to box quickly and ...
  • Everton v Atalanta
    Almost forgot we still have some European games to drag ourselves through!Anyone going?Will we throw a second string team out? I'm hoping so!                 RoblesHolgate Keane Williams Martina              Beni BesicVlasic       Klaassen     Mi...
  • 1-3-5-2 ? What formation would work best?
    There is a lot to be said for this formation in the modern game. But do we have the players to implement it?
  • Wayne Rooney's Best Position.
    So yesterday we saw a game completely without Rooney, and played everyone in their preferred positions. I genuinely didn't see too much of a difference too be honest, no real encouraging signs that without him, we could achieve this illusive "balance"....
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